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Recent Celebrations

Climbing up, alone in the cockpit for the first time... Veronica SOLOS!

We are excited and proud of Veronica's accomplishment of hitting her first milestone of many!
It is all up from here Veronica and your 99s sisters will be there every step of the way!


It's a bird. It's a plane. No, well yes, IT'S ABBY SOLOING FOR THE FIRST TIME!

We are excited to celebrate Abby, and  her first solo! Abby shares her thoughts as she was taxiing to the runway:

 " I used the time to just pray to God and ask him to give me the courage and strength to carry it out smoothly.
I can honestly say my first solo was the best feeling ever and it made this whole journey even more magical!"  


Way to make the magic happen Abby!


Colleen joins the ranks among the 7% of aviatrix!

We are excited to celebrate Colleen, and passing her checkride! Colleen shares her favorite moment of her checkride:

 " My favorite part was when the DPE said I passed. 
And when he said tell tower your want a full stop landing. That was when I finally relaxed." 


I think we can all relate to that moment, Congrats Colleen!


Katie earns her Commercial Multiengine!

We are excited to celebrate our membership chair, Katie , and earning her commercial multiengine rating! Katie shared her favorite quote as inspiration for others:

 "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." 

 - Leonardo da Vinci


Congrats Katie!


Connie becomes one of the 7%!

 Connie Leege earned her private pilot certificate! 

In three words, she describes how she felt when she passed:

#Accomplished #Relieved #Humbled


Congrats Connie!


Ange passes her commercial multiengine checkride!

We are excited to celebrate one of newest members, Ange, and passing her commercial multiengine checkride! We asked Ange to describe how she felt after her checkride and any advice to other 99s pursing their CMEL. This is what she had to say:
It was such a relief to be finished! My training was a little unconventional because my school was closing and I had an accident that resulted in a huge cut on my hand which prevented me from training for about 2 months! So my training was a little rushed and very hectic. The advice I would give is to take your time with your training. Make sure you understand everything and don't just rush through things just to get it done; it will be worth it in the end!! 


Congrats Ange!


Connie Leege Solos!

We are excited to celebrate one of newest members, Connie, and flying her first solo! We asked Connie to describe her first solo and this is what she had to say:

I would describe my solo experience as a plethora of emotions - not much sleep the night prior, anxious, frightening - but when I was actually flying, once I received clearance - I felt like I was on autopilot - there is something to be said about repetition or maybe it was pure knowledge of knowing the only way to live is by landing this plane!! What an amazing, liberating and powerful feeling knowing I WAS FLYING AN AIRPLANE!!!! #Never too old to learn #Don’t live life saying “I wish I would have.....” #Just do it!!  

 Congrats Connie!

Connie Leege and her instructor at Paragon Flight Training in Fort Myers, Fl

Connie Leege and her instructor at Paragon Flight Training in Fort Myers, Fl

Paradise Coast Chapter Officers


Michelle Estevez, PharmD, DPLA

Chapter Chairman


Connie Leege

Chapter Vice Chairman

Mandy McAbee

Chapter Secretary


Terry Carbonell

Chapter Treasurer, International Board Member


Ellen Herr

Chapter AEMSF Chairman


Katie Clagg

Membership Chair